Dead by Daylight

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Download Dead by Daylight (2017) for Mac OS. New very interesting and popular multiplayer (4vs1) horror game developed by Behaviour Digital Inc and published by Starbreeze Studios.


Game Information:

Release Date: 2017
Game Version: Doctor update
Genre: Action, Horror
Languages: English, French, German
Developer: Behaviour Digital Inc
Publisher: Starbreeze Studios



Dead by Daylight is a multiplayer survival action (4 vs. 1) game developed by Behaviour Interactive and released on Microsoft Windows. Players of the game either play as one of four survivors or the killer in a survival game. The survivors have to escape the evil clutches of the killer and open a door to escape, while the killer’s premise is to make sure that no one can leave by killing everyone.

The game is filled with violence and gore, with characters getting impaled, slashed, and otherwise killed in a variety of ways. Teams of Survivors have the best chance of surviving when using teamwork and communication. But the online nature of the game and communication does leave players open to potentially offensive language from other players, outside of the occasional profanity already built into the characters’ dialogue.

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  • Roberto Hernán Hormazábal Osor