Hollow Knight

Hollow Knight (Mac OS) Download Free:

Download Hollow Knight (2017) for Mac OS. New very interesting 2D action adventure video game developed and published by Team Cherry.


Game Information:

Release Date: 2017
Game Version: Latest
Genre: Action, Arcade, Adventure
Languages: English, Korean, Spanish, Italian, German
Developer: Team Cherry
Publisher: Team Cherry



Hollow Knight is a beautifully hand-drawn metroidvania that is equal parts fun, difficult, cute, and horrifying. All of the 100-plus characters are animated to be adorable and/or hideous, and the different areas of the humongous map each have their own art styles with some of the best use of parallax I’ve ever seen. One area has ghosts floating in the foreground, while others have sprawling jungles or caves with layers that move independently of each other to create much livelier levels than most 2D games can offer.

The game takes place in an underground kingdom of bugs where many heroes have ventured for various reasons, yet never returned. Players assume the role of an adorable little insect (a beetle?) armed with nothing but a nail, which just happens to be the size of a sword for a bug. Why is this cutie venturing into the forgotten kingdom? It isn’t clear at the beginning but the truth soon reveals itself in a lore that leaves a lot up to interpretation, in my opinion, but that is not a bad thing at all. Being spoon fed is not always the best way to take in a story.


Minimum System Requirements:

OS: Mac OS 10.7 Lion
Processor: Intel Core i3
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: GeForce GTX 470
Storage: 9 GB available space

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