Kerbal Space Program

Kerbal Space Program (Mac OS) Download Free:

Download Kerbal Space Program (2017) for Mac OS. Kerbal Space Program MAC Download Torrent Full Game. New very interesting indie simulation game with strategy elements developed by and published by Squad.


Game Information:

Release Date: 2017
Genre: Simulation
Languages: English
Developer: Squad
Publisher: Squad



Kerbal Space Program (‘KSP’) is a physics sandbox game with a focus on space flight from indie developers, SQUAD. It was recently purchased by Take 2 Interactive, which is some indication of its popularity.

At its simplest, KSP is a construction and space simulation sandbox. You build rockets and space planes and attempt to launch them into space. You’re given a large range of parts and essentially free rein to construct what you want out of them, and the game attempts to model a realistic physics environment in which you can test them.

Kerbals are funny large-headed, yellow-skinned humanoids from the planet Kerbin. They seem to be relatively simple-minded, with only two personality traits in varying amounts: courage and stupidity. They’re also very industrious.


Minimum System Requirements:

OS:Mountain Lion (10.8)
Memory:3 GB RAM
Graphics:SM3 512MB VRAM
Hard Drive:4 GB HD space