Next Day: Survival

Next Day: Survival (Mac OS) Download Free:

Download Next Day: Survival (2017) for Mac OS. New multi-player SURVIVAL game with elements of RPG developed by SOFF Games and published by Last Level.


Game Information:

Release Date: 20 July 2017
Game Version: Hotfix [05/08/2017]
Genre: Action, Adventure, RPG
Languages: English, French, Russian, German
Developer: SOFF Games
Publisher: Last Level


Next Day: Survival is a survival game so naturally you will be doing a lot of scavenging. Look everywhere to find weapons, healing items, and other useful loot. Quests give you an easy way to scavenge items after that the whole world is open for you to scavenge and loot. Look in cities, towns, spawn locations for useful loot and items.

In Next Day: Survival, you will be in a faction all the time and you will get bonuses and abilities unique to that faction. At this point, there are four factions in the game in which you be in. There is also a fifth faction but you cannot be a part of it as it is an NPC faction only.

Combat in game is very basic. You do not need any special training to learn the combat of this game. You will get weapons and items such as med packs to help you in combat. Be very careful with spending these items and ammunition as this is a survival game and they will not be available in abundance. While shooting, go easy on the trigger and fire strategic shots instead of going all haywire on the screen.


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