Sonic Mania

Sonic Mania (Mac OS) Download Free:

Download Sonic Mania (2017) for Mac OS. New 2D Sonic adventure video game developed by Christian Whitehead and published by SEGA.


Game Information:

Release Date: August 2017
Game Version: 1.0.0
Genre: Action, Adventure
Languages: English, French, German
Developer: Christian Whitehead, Headcannon
Publisher: SEGA



Sonic Mania is a brand new, 16-bit, 2D Sonic the Hedgehog game created by SEGA. To promote the newly announced Collector’s Edition version of the game, we created a parody commercial of an old Sonic 2 commercial that parodied infomercials.

Sonic Mania takes place over several levels, called zones. Each zone is divided into two acts, in which the player must guide their character to defeat Doctor Eggman and his henchmen, the «Hard-Boiled Heavies», customized versions of the Eggrobo enemies from Sonic & Knuckles. At the end of each act, the player takes part in a boss battle; a Hard-Boiled Heavy mini-boss is fought at the end of the first act, with a fight against Eggman in the second


Minimum System Requirements:

Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: DirectX 9.0c compliant video card 32MB
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Storage: 400 MB available space

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