Super Lucky’s Tale

Super Lucky’s Tale (Mac OS) Download Free:

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Game Information:

Release Date: 7 November 2017
Genre: Arcade, Jump and run
Languages: English
Developer: Playful
Publisher: Playful



Super Lucky’s Tale acts as a sequel to the original Lucky’s Tale on Oculus Rift, but doesn’t require you to have played that to enjoy it. Lyra and her brother Lucky are out to save the world from the evil cat Jinx and his litter from getting a book that can rewrite history. Lucky sacrifices himself within the book’s pages to save his sister and hopefully the world. Doing so involves taking out a great many enemies, successfully hopping on platforms and finding enough clovers to move on in the adventure. The core action blends platforming with a collect-a-thon reasonably well.

Lucky has a few tools at his disposal to excel. Jumping will serve him well as will swiping at enemies. Careful timing is key because a hop and bop may actually work better than a swipe. If you have several enemies in rapid succession, you’re usually better off jumping on them than attempting to attack since one may just hit you right as you are going to attack the other. Hopping allows you to carefully jump on one foe before doing the same to the other. Being an artful dodger can also work well since it can bide you some time to get a better angle on an attack.