Terra Battle 2

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Download Terra Battle 2 (2017) for Mac OS. New very interesting fantasy strategy game developed by Silicon Studio and published by Mistwalker.


Game Information:

Release Date: Summer 2017
Game Version: 1.0
Genre: Action, Strategy
Languages: English
Developer: Mistwalker, Silicon Studio
Publisher: Mistwalker



Terra Battle 2 brings a completely new gameplay experience, but still preserves some of the most highly praised battle mechanics that were present in the original. An entirely new world map lets players travel with their companions and set up formations before actually entering battle.

he story of Terra Battle 2 is expected to span over 50 different chapters that will each introduce new motives and new characters. These chapters are intended to be released episodically like a TV show, allowing for the building of suspense and giving time to enjoy the game between the completion of each chapter. The game is intended to feel like a drama at times and make players feel even more attached to characters as they go through varying trials and tribulations on their journeys.

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  • felix manzano

    nice game looks good